SixFlagsClackity clackity clack, into the empty blue sky we climb as we leave the ground behind. We briefly hover 150 feet in the air, holding our breath with anticipation. Our adrenaline pumps and stomachs float just before gravity reasserts its control, and then we drop. Who hasn't experienced this feeling of exhilaration, repeated endlessly at dozens of Six Flags Amusement Parks across North America?

Millions of thrill seekers will instantly recognize the Six Flags imagery on Alchemy3's lottery ticket designs and vibrant POP displays. The brand's value propels an instant game purchase among this audience because playing for thrills is in their blood. They can almost taste that moment, just before the plunge, as they scratch off that last, possibly winning, hidden number.

Game Concepts

Six FlagsAlchemy3 has a number of different scratch ticket designs that amplify the Six Flags brand. We have conceptualized a number of promotional support strategies to further leverage the equity of Six Flags for your program. In addition to traditional scratch ticket themes, Six Flags can be utilized to attract more players to your draw and numbers games. Our interactive products can be designed to engage existing and introduce new draw game players to your base.