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The Addams Family™

They’re creepy, kooky, and back with a new Netflix series arriving in 2022!

With multiple appearances in comics, movies, and television, this truly original American family owns incredible brand awareness across multiple generations. Boomers remember the classic TV show with the iconic theme, Gen Xers remember the live-action movies of the 90s, and Gens Y and Z love the family’s latest animated adventures.

Introduced to the lottery category by Alchemy3, the game enjoyed 100+ indexes in five of the six states that launched the Addams Family games in 2019. Four more lotteries participated in the program in 2021 and more lotteries have the game scheduled for a 2022 launch!

Key value-adds with this property include:

  • The use of the iconic Addams Family theme in your advertising “Snap, snap!”
  • Turnkey TV spots
  • Brand extensions into other portfolio products (Fast Play, Keno skins, iLottery)
  • Full image rights to both the classic TV and the animated Addams Family characters
  • Creative treatments that extend the brand way past Halloween and into the Holiday season

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