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I Love Lucy®

Although crossword-themed tickets have been a lottery industry staple, with countless ticket launches in multiple jurisdictions, it is always fun to explore opportunities to further extend the life cycle of the ticket. Alchemy3’s Lucy’s Loot Cashword can provide a Lottery with a chance to elevate a classic extended playstyle with an iconic brand.  

After 70 years, America still has a love affair with Lucy and Ricky. The ‘I Love Lucy’ show was full of memorable, hilarious scenes. With a total of 180 episodes filmed over a six-year time span, selecting favorite episodes is difficult work.  Therefore, it is not a surprise that ‘I Love Lucy’ is constantly ranked as a top TV comedy and greatest TV show of all time! What an honor! 

Alchemy3’s interactive game is completely web-based so it can be integrated with any existing app or website. It can be leveraged as a play-for-fun or a method to generate 2nd chance entries. Contact Alchemy3 today to learn more! 


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