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The Addams Family™

This brand is so versatile it’s scary!  Over a dozen lotteries have introduced The Addams Family instant scratch games to date, with outstanding results.  But here’s the ‘thing’ (see what we did there?).  This ooky, spooky brand seamlessly delivers results across MULTIPLE sales channels, impacting top-of-mind awareness and cross-channel play.  When paired with the absolute crypt full of marketing assets, including the iconic Addams Family theme music, it’s easy to see how the brand’s Keno skins and Fast Play games have succeeded in grabbing (and keeping) player attention.

And with the recent addition of the iLOTTERY Addams Family game, the brand really has it all.  It’s a killer combination that delivers incredible value for our customers that offer iLottery products.  Playing The Addams Family iLottery game is both fun and engaging.  The iconic characters are ‘brought to life with creative animation and music from the show’s theme song completes the immersive experience for players.

If you’re searching for the perfect way to extend awareness and trial across multiple sales channels, The Addams Family has everything you need.  And with Alchemy3, activation is a snap.  Drop us a line!


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