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I Love Lucy®


Our love affair with Lucy is easy to understand. The ‘I Love Lucy’ show was full of memorable, hilarious scenes that players of all ages recall today with crystal clarity. It’s a nostalgic juggernaut.  

Lotteries across the country have drawn on the show’s immense and sustained popularity to create some of the most memorable promotions they’ve ever run.

Alchemy3 works closely with our customers to bring this brand to life in ways few games can. Media launch tours with best-in-class Lucy impersonators can deliver tens of thousands of impressions as radio and television stations line up to interview ‘Lucy’ as she talks about the lottery’s latest new game, and public appearances that re-create the most memorable show skits, like ‘chocolate factory’ and ‘vitameatavegamin’ draw huge crowds at retail or other venue events. 

Let Lucy turn up the fun and laughter with your next game promotion. Call Alchemy3 today to learn more! 


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