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About Alchemy3

Alchemy3 is a broad-based, fully integrated lottery marketing services company. Alchemy3 was founded in 2007 by lottery and gaming industry veterans with the goal of creating smart gaming solutions that pair lotteries with great consumer brands and represent “win-win” outcomes for both the lottery and the brand. Over the last fifteen years, the Company has methodically built a foundation of strategic gaming and licensing platforms that has made it a dominant player in both the lottery services industry and consumer products licensing industries.

Alchemy3 is based in Roswell, GA, and it is a leading provider of licensed brands, player loyalty programs, and value-added services to lotteries across the U.S. and Canada. The Company provides its customers with a premium, integrated marketing solution that increases lottery revenue and drives player participation across a variety of age groups and demographics. Alchemy3 provides lotteries with relevant market research, creative game design, advertising and promotional support, drawing and fulfillment services, web design, mobile app development, social media engagement and game player support throughout the entire life of a game.