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Space Invaders®

They’re Heeere!

The iconic arcade game Space Invaders has been a video game dynasty for over 40 years. Many lotteries have run promotions with arcade brands — repeatedly — with strong results. Arcade licensed properties have taken the industry by storm and Space Invaders is poised to set the new high score for lottery games!

With new versions of the classic game appearing on modern video game consoles, and mobile platforms, Space Invaders is here to stay.

Alchemy3 doesn’t believe in a one size fits all approach to lottery game creation. We customize product offerings to work best for your lottery. When designing Space Invaders games we strive to create multiple options for you to choose from. We’ve even designed an extended play execution that works just like the classic arcade game!

The invasion has begun! Contact your Alchemy3 Account Director for more information on Space Invaders or any of the exciting properties in our extended portfolio.

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Game Concepts

Alchemy3 has a variety of scratch ticket designs that amplify the Space Invaders concept. We have conceptualized a number of promotional support strategies to further leverage the popularity of Space Invaders for your program.

In addition to traditional scratch ticket themes, Space Invaders can be utilized to attract more players to your draw games. Our interactive products can be designed to engage existing and introduce new players to your portfolio.