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Celebrity Cruises®

Truly memorable experiential prizing is always important when you’re developing your next focal point program; whether it’s a branded scratch game or a second chance overlay for a family of games or even a big draw game promotion.  The experience needs to be of the finest quality while delivering a flexible, all-inclusive package your winners will be talking about for years. 

That’s why we are so excited here at Alchemy3 to announce our partnership with CELEBRITY CRUISE LINES.  When it comes to cruising, Celebrity is in a class all its own.  The brand is the embodiment of luxury, making it the perfect option for lotteries looking to present their players with the next great experiential prize. 

Celebrity stands out among other cruise lines AND land-based vacation destinations as having the distinction of being the first cruise line to receive FOUR-STAR and recommended ratings by Forbes Travel Guide.  The Line boasts some of the most luxurious, awe-inspiring and award-winning ships at sea, and it’s now yours to offer, as a stand-along scratch game, the central value proposition for a game family second chance program, or as part of a high-profile draw game promotion.  And to add even more value, your lottery can feature Celebrity Cruise Lines as part of  a multi-channel strategy designed to help expand play across different product lines. 

If you’re looking for luxury, all-inclusive packaging and prize redemption flexibility, X MARKS THE SPOT!  Contact your Alchemy3 sales representative now to learn more! 


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