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Let’s Make A Deal

This new Alchemy3 brand partner is currently the second most popular daytime gameshow in America, reaching over 2.77 MILLION viewers daily! It’s been a nostalgic juggernaut since 1963 and will be celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2024.  It’s LET’S MAKE A DEAL, of course, and it is the perfect brand for your next omni-channel lottery program!

Let’s Make a Deal is fun, irreverent, exciting and full of surprises.  Where else can you win big prizes for being dressed like a giant cheeseburger or for being lucky enough to have a marble or a piece of chalk in your pocket?  Contestants are picked at random and offered a chance to play against the house using their guile, wit and instinct to gain the best possible prizes and risk losing it all by making one bad decision.  It’s a game of speculation, temptation, never and luck as players attempt to win it all while avoiding the dreaded ZONK!

Your Let’s Make a Deal program is available across all game verticals, including scratch, draw, fast-play and ilottery, so your players can ‘make a deal’ in their own favorite way to play!

And the promotional opportunities presented with Let’s Make a Deal are endless. From fun, zany promotions at special events, to second chance animated reveals and even on-site promotions at retail, this is a brand that you can really bring to life!

See your Alchemy3 representative now and hey, LET’S MAKE A DEAL!


LET’S MAKE A DEAL® Marcus/Glass Productions LLC