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Billboard Latin Music Week

Alchemy3’s exclusive partnership with Billboard and Latin Music Week delivers the perfect opportunity to create a genuine cross-cultural program sure to attract new and existing players!  Our money-can’t-buy experiential Latin Music Week package is the ideal cornerstone for second-chance programs tied to individual games, game families, or other high-profile promotions.

Billboard Latin Music Week, hosted annually in Miami,  is the premier destination for top hitmakers, actors, influencers, music fans, and industry leaders to come together for one-of-a-kind conversations, workshops, and showcases. Billboard Latin Music Week is more than music, it’s a cultural celebration that unites generations of talent and fans, garnering billions of press, engagements, and viewership globally.  Working closely with Billboard, Alchemy3 can offer one-of-a-kind trip packages that will be sure to have your customers lining up to play for.

And what’s REALLY exciting about the Billboard Latin Music Week program is its popularity across the cultural spectrum!  As of June 2022, Latin music surpassed Country in total U.S. on-demand streaming, and nearly half of all Latin music listeners are non-Hispanic.  This genre is CALIENTE’ and it’s growing fast!  Contact your Alchemy3 sales representative to learn more.