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CMT Music Awards


It’s no surprise really – Country is king!  Country music appeals to fans of all ages, and its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years.  With deep roots in classic American culture, it resonates with listeners in a way that other genres don’t seem to match.  With catchy ‘Sing-along’ lyrics and relatable themes, country music delivers that ‘feel good vibe’ lottery players tune in to hear.  There are more country stations in the U.S. than any other format, and its popularity on streaming services, television broadcast, and social media outlets is exploding.  Country music themed lottery games and programs have generated impressive results across North America.


It is important to note, however, that country music isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ genre.  Classic, alternative, outlaw, and bluegrass are just a few of the diverse sub-genres that have gained popularity over the years.  That’s why Alchemy3 has hitched our wagon to the Country Music Television (CMT) Awards as one of our great new brand partners!  Your CMT Music Awards game, complete with ‘money can’t buy’ experiential trips to the CMT Awards show will be a huge hit with your players, regardless of which type of country music they like best.  The CMT Awards has it all.  And with the awards show moving to its new permanent venue in Austin, Texas in 2023, it’s an amazing opportunity to partner with Alchemy3 to deliver this best-in-class program to your players in a big way!


Are you ready to ride?  Contact your Alchemy3 sales representative today.  We’ll help you hit the trail.