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Are you tired of grocery shopping or meal prepping? Who doesn’t enjoy a warm dinner at home without the hassle of cooking? Alchemy3 is dedicated to connecting lotteries with hungry players through its unique partnership with GrubHub, a leading global online food delivery marketplace that brings together more than 33 million diners with the food they love from their favorite local restaurants.

With GrubHub, lotteries can offer not only cash prizes but also instant wins of GrubHub credits that can be redeemed instantly online. It is this instant gratification that drives player engagement and that’s exactly what we witnessed with the introduction of instant wins on the latest NY Lottery’s second chance promotion that resulted in a 30% increase of new player registrations.

So, hurry up and jump on the opportunity to offer unique prizing options for your players… prizes they will be hungry for! Contact your Alchemy3 Account Director for more information today!

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