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The classic arcade game is a lottery powerhouse, delivering more triple-digit indexing games than any other brand in our portfolio. It’s not hard to understand why – older audiences love nostalgia and younger audiences are actively playing Skee-Ball in social clubs across North America – this brand owns broad appeal! 

But beyond its distinguished history of lottery success, Skee-Ball provides an incredible amount of value adds that can be leveraged to create turnkey marketing programs to generate opportunities for player buy-upincremental spend, cross-play, and interactive engagement. These value-adds include: 

  • A challenging interactive game that can be leveraged as a play-for-fun experience or a method to generate 2nd chance entries 
  • Keno skins to promote cross-play and increase game awareness 
  • Fast Play executions to generate cross-play opportunities  
  • Event opportunities at local establishments  
  • The ability to combine the brand with our Pop-A-Shot and Cornhole brands to create the ultimate lottery arcade game experience 

Skee-Ball has been so successful, many jurisdictions have utilized the brand multiple times, establishing it as an industry staple in the extended play category. Now’s your chance to roll with an established winner – Skee-Ball games from Alchemy3! 

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