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Vudu® and Fandango®


With the recent spike in streaming and the return to in-theater movie viewing, the appetite for new entertainment options has never been stronger. Fandango and Vudu prizes deliver the entertainment your players seek, exactly where they want to experience it.  

Vudu brings your players a streaming library of over 50,000 titles including original content from the major streaming services with no monthly subscription fee. Fandango is the industry leader in direct movie ticket sales, allowing your players to skip the box office and head directly to their seats.  

Players love to win and the low cost of Fandango and Vudu prizes allow your lottery to provide more winning experiences with desirable prizes that really resonate. Need proof? The New York Lottery’s recent $1,000,000 Premiere promotion, offering instant second chance wins of Vudu streaming credits, led to a 30% increase in new player registrations. 

More winning experiences and prizes your players really want to win – contact Alchemy3 today to create a blockbuster Fandango and Vudu promotion for your lottery! 

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