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A solid lottery performer, Skee-Ball touts a long list of promotional executions. Looking to expand your player base? Then introduce lottery to new audiences by partnering with local arcades/lounges and leverage the skyrocketing popularity of this game. Alchemy3 can even reach out on your behalf to local arcade leagues and social clubs to “get the ball rolling” on exciting awareness events – many so popular to garner unearned media! Skee-Ball can be seamlessly implemented into your next booth or event with a game everyone can play.

Skee-Ball also provides a wide range of second-chance prize options, from full-size machines to video game versions. And speaking of video games, Alchemy3’s propriety Skee-Ball interactive game is perfect to raise awareness, generate 2nd chance entries, or even a play for fun value add.

Lotteries can even leverage the brand across multiple channels and it’s a natural fit for reskinning your Keno drawing animations to raise awareness in a fun and exciting manner.

Roll your lottery a hundo with an exciting Skee-Ball themed promotion today!

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